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News 22 June 2021 05:39


Few Swedish companies and organizations are still aware that a new US law was signed in March 2018. The new law – CLOUD Act – affects all Swedish companies and their information stored on US cloud services.

Press Release 15 June 2021 11:22

JS Security initiates collaboration with Techlove to strengthen the development department

JS Security Technologies Group AB (“JS Security” or “the Company”) initiates cooperation with Techlove AB intending to further strengthen the Company’s development department.

News 15 June 2021 04:32

What is Decentralized Cloud Storage?

Security-as-a-service is our decentralized cloud storage solution. Through decentralization, the storage environment becomes safer, faster, and more private than centralized cloud services.   What is decentralized cloud storage? In the eyes of the user, it works in the same way as traditional cloud storage options such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. But instead of […]

News 14 June 2021 11:31

The Details of our Roadmap — R1 (In English)

I will take you back a few years, to when it all started, and to be able to show you where we are today, we need you to understand the core idea of the company and our journey to this day.

So how does it look from my point of view? What are the major issues we are seeing happen globally? At the moment you might be thinking that data breaches only affect large corporations around the world. But the truth is… You can never be sure. But that is not the direction we are taking today.

Press Release 10 June 2021 10:04

JS Security’s founder and CTO acquire shares

JS Security Technologies Group AB (“JS Security” or “the Company”) announces today that one of the Company’s founders & CTO, Pierre Grönberg, has acquired shares in the Company.

News 10 June 2021 09:07

Decentralized cloud storage and how it can be more secure than traditional cloud storage solutions

Our decentralized cloud storage Delta/NET or now a day known as Security-as-a-service, were built to ensure the data stored always remains private and secure. But how do we achieve this?    First of all, every file uploaded to the network is encrypted before it ever leaves your computer. In fact, end-to-end encryption is standard on […]

Press Release 8 June 2021 18:07

JS Security presents its 6-month-old development plan in accordance with previously communicated information

JS Security Technologies Group AB (” JS Security ” or ” the Company ”) presents its 6 months’ development plan, a so-called roadmap, linked to the previously communicated information about the next step in the Company’s direction towards creating national self-sufficient data storage system.

Press Release 7 June 2021 10:05

Founder acquires shares in JS Security

JS Security Technologies Group AB (“JS Security” or “the Company”) announces today that one of the Company’s founders, Christopher Ramstedt, has acquired shares in the Company.