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Press Release 26 January 2022 08:41

JS Security’s acquisition Stonebeach AB forecasts the full year 2021

Stonebeach AB (“StoneBeach” or “the Company”), which was recently acquired by JS Security Technologies Group AB’s (“JS Security”), announces today that the Company is beating its financial forecast for the full year 2021.

News 20 January 2022 12:32

Block_007: Product, network, and sales

Dear shareholders and other stakeholders, Here is a new update from us at JS Security. We are experiencing a great deal of interest in our platform, Security-as-a-Service, and associated networks. Security-as-a-Service with a P2P network was launched on January 14, 2022, after a period of bounty & penetration testing performed by HackerOne. Since launch, about […]

Press Release 18 January 2022 10:43

JS Security announces high interest in the Company’s product, Security-as-a-Service since its launch

JS Security Technologies Group AB (“JS Security” or “the Company”) announces that the interest in the Company’s product, i.e. Security-as-a-Service has been high since its launch on January 14, 2022. The company has received expressions of interest regarding the extension after the end of the test period from more than 10 companies so far.

News 21 December 2021 09:44

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at JS Security

The year is now coming to an end, and we want to take the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are here for you if you need us, hackers don’t take time off: https://jssecurity.tech/contact-us/

Press Release 10 December 2021 07:05

JS Security acquires the information security company Stonebeach AB

JS Security Technologies Group AB (“JS Security” or “the Company”) has today entered into a binding agreement with the shareholders (“Sellers”) of Stonebeach AB (“StoneBeach”), to acquire all shares in StoneBeach. Planned access is February 1, 2022.

News 9 December 2021 14:23

002 – BlockCast: Future Visions

Dear shareholders, Here comes, as promised, the next episode of our BlockCast series. The section contains i.a. an in-depth study of our technology and reflections on the outside world. We also touch on the Company's future visions and commercialization. Link to BlockCast (in Swedish): https://open.spotify.com/episode/5yGWxBfaOpi3jiPFxftFEW?si=bce2a4577a4944f1

News 8 December 2021 12:14

Our P2P network from above – Join early-access

Here you get a glimpse at Node Explorer, where you can see our P2P network from above. We work intensively in connecting nodes to the network and will soon announce the big official launch. Do you want to be a part of the network and take advantage of all the benefits that come with being […]

News 18 November 2021 09:44


Dear shareholders, Here is a new update from us at JS Security. During the past period, we have worked intensively with the Due Diligence of Stonebeach AB prior to our potential acquisition. We remain very positive about StoneBeach and its synergies with JS Security. For those who may have missed the information about our intended […]

News 3 November 2021 10:59


Dear shareholders, Here is a new update from us at JS Security. We have now initiated the final development phase within the framework of R1 (Roadmap 1). This means that the "Node Provider" application will soon be opened for "early access". The Node Provider application is the part of the network that enables shareholders, private […]