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2022-06-15 13:00 Regulatory

JS Security receives order regarding Apex

The order value, which is initially approximately 25 TSEK, is spread over 12 months starting in August 2022. JS Security aims to increase its commitment to the customer during the year. The order pertains to the Apex service (formerly "Security-as-a-Service"), which is JS Security's decentralized file storage system based on the Company's proprietary P2P network. The customer will initially use the service as an external backup solution.

The customer has also shown interest in setting up 10 nodes, where a storage capacity of 5 TB will be added to the Company's storage network.

"I feel that people around me are becoming increasingly aware of and curious about JS Security's products and services. This means that I get more and more inquiries about both large and small business opportunities. Furthermore, we have come closer to our customers and in recent weeks have experienced that we have shortened the sales processes. At the same time, we have just initiated marketing campaigns for the Company's products according to a powerful "Go-To-Market" strategy. Now we are eagerly awaiting the results. '' Says Pierre Grönberg, founder and CTO, JS Security

Important information when publishing sales orders
JS Security is a cybersecurity company that protects the privacy of its customers. In light of this, and the fact that JS Security stores sensitive and important information, the Company classifies it as a security risk to publish customers' company names when publishing a sales order. As a result, JS Security chooses not to publish company names at the time of ordering.

JS Security receives order regarding Apex