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2022-06-27 10:34 Regulatory

JS Security accelerates strategy and changes CEO

Following a strategic review, the Board has decided to accelerate the work of further development and commercialization of JS Security's products. As part of this review, the Board has, on the initiative of acting CEO Pontus Wilgodt, decided that the strategy benefits from a permanent CEO and has therefore reached an agreement with Pontus Wilgodt that he, as of 2022-07-04, will leave his position as acting CEO of the company and instead steps in as a strategic advisor and regular board member.

The Board has appointed Pierre Grönberg, one of JS Security's founders and CTO, as CEO.
"Pontus Wilgodt has made significant contributions to JS Security during his year as acting CEO and, together with the rest of the management, has laid a good foundation for the Company's continued development and expansion," says Per Holmstedt, board member of JS Security.
"JS Security has an excellent starting point as this work now enters the next phase and the pace of implementation is accelerated, and Pontus will continue to play an important role in the development of the company," says Niclas Folkesson, Chairman of the Board, JS Security
Pierre Grönberg has worked with JS Securitys since 2019 and has a clear goal picture and agenda. The focus will be on accelerating marketing, sales and development. This work and new objectives will be communicated in future quarterly reports.

“When, in 2019, I started working with what would later become JS Security Technologies Group AB, I had a clear goal picture of how I wanted the company to be run. I believe in transparency and openness. '' Says Pierre Grönberg
"With me in the CEO role, we must always maintain transparency in all situations. I want to build a strong company for our shareholders and employees. I want everyone – both private individuals and companies and authorities – to own their data. In addition, I want to contribute to Sweden getting the world's best cyber defence, '' Pierre Grönberg continues
Bijay Luitel, who since the start of JS Security has worked with Pierre as "Head of Engineering", will take over the role of new CTO.

"Bijay is an extremely talented IT developer, his knowledge of creating, innovating and delivering technical and advanced products makes him perfect for this role. It feels safe for Bijay to take over the CTO role," says Pierre Grönberg, founder and new CEO of JS Security

JS Security accelerates strategy and changes CEO